The operational activity in the MWMEL start when in 3-18-2018 the ATA : Assault Trident Armada launch a Capture Raid on Carver V . The final result is merely anecdotal and although the ATA lost 3 Dragon , 3 Cauldron Born and 5 Linebacker nevertheless achieve a victory really overwhelming to neutralize 45 opponents mechs !!! . Also the Trident has optained 805 ultra-restrited mechanized tonnes that has been captured from Carver V.

01-01-2018 HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
The MWMEL administration want congratulate to all MW4 community and desire them a very happy new year.In addition we want announce that the "JOIN" section of this site has been activated and also now is not necessary have a blog or web pag to register a new unit in the league because simply sending a e-mail to : mwmel@europe.com specifying the logo , roster and the logistic configuration of the new unit will be completed the registry of the aforesaid unit :) 

MechWarrior Mechanized EuroLeague was launched In 12-12-2017 mainly with vocation and philosophy spheran-peripheral but our principal goal is that in our servers domine the fun , the coexistence and mainly the respect . Although the MWMEL have european servers they are opened to the casual activity to MechGamers of all world :)

You can participate individually in the campaign confrontations in the CCFC servers but honestly the administration of this MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries league want advise to you that participate in team can improve your statistics and your fun ;)

If you feel like you would like a giant mech/robotic action game and you prefer quality and game balance over cutting edge graphics , Do not hesitate and get the MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries . The worst that can happen is you delete it off your computer .

This sounds interesting, but WHY is this game good for online gaming?

Instant Access to all content :

This game is old school in a good way . From the very beginning of your multiplayer battles , you have the same weapons and mechs available as the elites and older players  . There is no grinding for access to anything . All are equal . What differentiates us as players is :

Your mech building skills (GEAR , weapon , armor , speed settings , etc.)

Your skills as a pilot (aiming , movement , fighting techniques , etc)

Knowledge (equipment knowledge , experiences in battle , map knowledge etc.)

Great Balance : 

MechWarrior is an amazingly balanced game which allows a small mech to have just as much of an impact on the game outcome as a large mech if you know how to use efficiently the capabilities of the mech that you choose .

Also, there are many different sizes or 'classes' of mechs . Sure , people have favorites mechs , but different mechs have different roles . At times you will find a certain mech design is slightly better for a certain role than another . You will have to find mechs that fit the way you want to play . In this way , the game is beautifully balanced . Honestly, there are so many mechs that the pilots can choose dozens of they to use the majority of the time and play one and other time happily because the pilots are comfortable in 'THEIR' mechs they have made .

Various game types :

There are different game types available to play. Our game is not just a shooter game . We also have tactics based games like Mission Play .

This game is totally unpredictable :

At the end of the day, what probably keep this game big and competitive is likely its complexity . Games are at times very unpredictable due to their being so many influences : skill , mech builds , tactics , etc.

Your aim is your aim (No randomness) :

MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries not introduce luck into aiming to 'adds excitement' . The luck do that although your aim can be perfect, Nevertheless your shots randomly can go anywhere and MW4 is not like this . MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries is not a dice roll/coin flip game . In MW4M , your aim is EXACTLY where your scope is .

If you're looking for a good game to play through campaign mode or in multiplayer with us , you're in the right place.

Welcome to MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries and welcome to MechWarrior Mechanized EuroLeague !!!