CHAOS CAMPAIGN , archive 5-10-2020 . Assault Trident Armada + ENC + MCC launch a depletion raid on Keld .
ENC_Metatron is a crusher of metal on the battlefield and their presence without doubt is decisive in the final result of the intervention . Following the stelle of ENC_Metatron in all moment ATA_aggressor have done a effective work  . MCC_Ajdino and MCC_PixelPaint now have other victory more for MCC and also all they has haved the support of a mech-warrior called Mecker so that finally has been a great victory for Expeditious Nomadic Contingent , Assault trident armada and Mechanized Commandos Corp . 

CHAOS CAMPAIGN , archive 4-17-2020 / 4-24-2020 . Assault Trident Armada + SYN launch a depletion raid on the planet Carver V .
CHAOS CAMPAIGN : archive 4-6-2020 . Assault Trident Armada launch a depletion raid on Epsilon Eridani .

With the help of Scrap Yard Neutralizers the alpha battalion faces a very hard chalenge . ATA_aggressor and SYN_Renzokuk start obtaining a small sucessful in the first drop ONLY BY ONE POINT !!! that portend a difficult confrontation in which they have the triumph in their hands until lost it in the final stretch of the confrontation and although they have done a good fight  in these moments ATA have accumulated four consecutive defeats !!!
CHAOS CAMPAIGN : archive 3-7-2020 / 3-9-2020 . Mechanized Commandos Corp launch a extraction raid on Remshield .ENC_Metatron only fight one drop therefore can not add one battle more to the unit but together to SYN_Renzokuk , ATA_aggressor and MCC_Ajdino all they win the first drop with the defiance battalion although finally they can not give the victory to Expeditious Nomadic Contingent nor Scarp Yard Neutralizers nor Assault Trident Armada nor MCC respectively .CHAOS CAMPAIGN : archive 2-28-2020 / 3-7-2020 . Assault Trident Armada launch a depletion raid on caph .57 Heavy group take part with 57HG_WarDog , Mechanized Commandos Corp with MCC_Ajdino that together to ATA_aggressor they fight fiercely in some segment of the fight . Then Expeditious Nomadic Contigent with ENC_Metatron take part too and Scrap Yard Neutralizers debut with SYN_Renzokuk that reinforce to alpha battalion and although both can not avoid the defeat in the raid they do it very well in the last segment of the battle .CHAOS CAMPAIGN : archive 2-10-2020 . Start a new year of campaign .Assault Trident Armada , 57 Heavy Group and Mechanized Commandos Corp suffer a overwhelmed defeat on the planet Genoa being ATA the unit more impaired losing 30 mechs !!! of the gamma battalion .CHAOS CAMPAIGN : archive 12-12-2019 . Finalize the year 2 of campaign .
12-12-2019 is our 2A-Day because is our second anniversary . In our second year has been fought 1 planetary assault , 23 raids , 150 drops and all fronts of the campaign has been active . Finally these are the most great merits of this year of campaign :### MECHANIZED COMMANDOS CORP  have completed their first confrontation !!! . MCC_Dillon and MCC_ PixelPaint had have a activity very punctual but MCC_Ajdino fight in the last raid of the year on the planet Elgin achieving a valuable tie which do that MCC end this year without defeats !!!### EXPEDITIOUS NOMADIC CONTINGENT have a great mechwarrior known as ENC_Metatron that in this yearly campaign have carry to the unit to obtain 4 consecutive victories that at the moment stablish a record only achieved by 57HG too . ENC_Renzokuk take part in the aforesaid record . In this moment The Expeditious is a unit in expansion and ENC_Mamoru is the last incorporation to the unit that have fought the first baptism of fire . Finally The Nomadic have obtained one award : >>> Serie One Ribbon by finalize this yearly campaign obtaining the supremacy in Styk Commonality .### ASSAULT TRIDENT ARMADA start this annual campaign with a defeat that they can not avoid ATA_aggressor and ATA_Freeze . Later ATA_Gnomebuster take part in some victory . But is the persistence and tenacity of ATA_aggressor what rise to the unit toward the final triumph . La Armada  reach the following awards :>>> Team Triumph Ribbon by finalize this annual campaign accumulating 10 victories in Team Battle and 4 in Team Destruction  . Whereas ENC accumulate seven in TB + three in TD and 57HG accumulate four in TB + three in TD .>>> Interventions Distinguished Ribbon by finalize this annual campaign accumulating the best statistics in interventions i.e. 10 victories + 7 defeats + 1 planetary conquest . Also 57HG reach this award too with five victories + two defeats + one planetary conquest . Whereas ENC have accumalated seven victories + five defeats + one planetary conquest and MCC accumulate one tie .>>> Serie One Ribbon by finalize this annual campaign obtaining the supremacy in TerraCap Confederation .>>> Merit Maximum Insignia by finalize this annual campaign having fought more confrontations than the rest of units i.e 25 confrontations accumulated . Whereas that ENC have sixteen , 57HG have ten and MCC have one . ENC do a season really very active but they can not compete against the very intense activity of ATA in the last stages of this year of campaign . ATA have started to accumulate confrontations from January and therefore when 57 Heavy Group finalize their first confrontation ATA have accumulated eight confrontations .### 57 HEAVY GROUP is defeated in one occasion but achieve win in other one from the nations front achieving the first place in the Sarna Supremacy but during some time Assault Trident Armada snatch them that first place until when ATA decide leave the Supremacy and relocate their garrison and their interests in other site .                      57HG_Bearnoceros , 57HG_Nikodeemus and 57HG_StickyBuddy win two important battles contributing decisively to the successful planetary campaign on the planet Shipka . But in those moments nobody can suspect the bright future of The Heavy . 11-8-2019 will be a archive remembered with gold letters by to be the start of the activity of a mechwarrior that will change the situation of The Group in this year of campaign . 57HG_WarDog pass like a tsunami by the capellan sector achieving 4 consecutive victories !!! and so giving to 57 the first place and therefore the triumph in the aforesaid sector . When finalize this year of campaign the unit have achieved these awards :>>> Interventions Distinguished Ribbon by finalize this year of campaign accumulating the best statistics in interventions i.e. 5 victories + 2 defeats + 1 planetary conquest . Also ATA reach this award too with ten victories + seven defeats + one planetary conquest . while ENC have accumalated seven victories + five defeats + one planetary conquest and MCC accumulate one tie .>>> Serie One Ribbon by finalize this year of campaign achieving the first place in one sector .>>> Serie Two Ribbon by finalize this year of campaign achieving the first place in Sarna Supremacy and the Capellan Sector . ATA_aggressorAssault Trident ArmadaMWMEL administratorMechWarrior Mechanized Expeditions LeagueARCHIVE 11-11-2019 CHAOS CAMPAIGN . 

11-8-2019 : 57 Heavy Group launch a extraction raid on Matsu . Ajdino fight by first time in MWMEL !!! . 57HG_WarDog he is fighting in the unit by first time but finally he is a example of excellent progress .All start really very bad for the CCFC formed by Assault trident Armada , Expeditious nomadic Contingent and 57 Heavy Group with the 57HG first battalion configured to 325 tons per drop-force . ATA_aggressor fight well the initial fases of the raid but can not evite the debacle . All is practically lost . Only a miracle can save to fist battalion and that miracle arrive with  ENC_Metatron and ENC_renzokuk !!! that evite a almost sure defeat !!! .11-9-2019 : Assault Trident Armada launch a extraction raid on Mandate . The descent on the planet is executed by the CCFC : Assault Trident Armada , 57 Heavy Group , Expeditious Nomadic Contingent and United Knights !!!Sometimes a raid is decided simply by 1 or 2 or 3 kills !!! .ATA_aggressor and 57HG_WarDog they cooperate well but the opponent forces are very hard . Apart of the final result the battle is stuck in the drop four because both mech-warriors lost that drop by 1 KILL !!! but both win the drop two by 2 KILLS !!! and that situation result to be key later . Untill the last drop the raid is not decided and the CCFC achieve a victory very worked . In the last stage of the action the arrive of ENC_Metatron and and UK_Spiller !!!  maybe was key too . 11-10-2019 : Expeditious Nomadic Contingent launch a extraction raid on Hunan .Assault Trident Armada , Mechanized Commandos Corp and Expeditious Nomadic Contingent with the battalion three achieve a initial triumph but later ATA_aggressor and ENC_Renzokuk suffer a fulminant defeat . MCC_Aidino can not triumph in the debut of Mechanized Commandos Corp . ARCHIVE 10-21-2019 CHAOS MACH : PLANETARY ASSAULT ON SHIPKA
The CCFC formed by 57 Heavy Group , Assault Trident Armada and Expeditious Nomadic Contingent inform that after lost two battle but having won five and reached the last objectives as well as having defeated to the forces opponents the campaign on Shipka have finalized !!!ARCHIVE 10-10-2019 CHAOS MARCH : SHIPKA HAS BEEN INTERVENED BY A GREAT FORCE

The 27th of september of the second campaign yearly on the Chaos Mach is launched the first great cooperation in MechWarrior Mechanized Expeditions League being a planetary assault on Shipka . The three units involved are Assault Trident Armada that launch the first attack , then Expeditious Nomadic Contingent launch the second attack and later 57 Heavy Group lanunch the third . To this operation are assigned three regiments and each unit have moved all the fleet . almost 400 mechs of the assailants have descended on Shipka .ARCHIVE 7-7-2019 CHAOS MARCH : NEW UNITS

Now MWMEL have good variety of units to which can join MechGamers from any continent therefore the MechWarriors of each continent that they want not have its own unit will can choose between various options . The following list show all units existing , its regimental class and its range continental :
57 Heavy Group ........................................................ heavy ..................................................................... Inter-ContinentalExpeditious Nomadic Contingent .............................. assault ................................................................................. AmericaMechanized Commandos Corp ................................. medium ............................................................................... AmericaLitigation Solutions Legion ......................................... light ........................................................................... Asiatic-AustralAssault trident Armada .............................................. assault .................................................................................. EuropeARCHIVE 4-4-2019 CHAOS CAMPAIGN : HAS BEEN CHANGE THE PLANETARY STATUSEach planet have a certain level : red ,yelow , green and/or blue that can vary after each attack suffered by each planet . When is launched a attack after finalize the aforesaid attack the status of the planet vary directly to level red that close the planet . During each planetary assault and guerrilla war the planet attacked vary to level yellow and green  respectively and is not posible launch other planetary assault and guerrilla war on the aforesaid planet . In the planets surrounded by a circle blue is not posible locate more than two garrisons of more than two differen units .


In the course of the afternoon / night in UTC : Universal Time Coordinated and in some days of each month and anways in GameRanger the MWMEL administration will be present in the CCFC server for give activity mainly in Mission Play although will be selected others Game Types that always will can to be fighted to waves . Mission Play is a format very realist inserted by first time in the MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries and later expanded by MekTek that insert it in more maps . When you confront matchs in MP have to achieve the objectives of the mission that have to reach the team in which you are collaborating . We think that MP maybe has been the format more active of all times and that without doubt is a great format . Our desire is give to you very much hours of activity in countless missions :) also if you are rookie in the furure you can connect to our Multi-Examinaton server and so improve your skills when that server is ready and adjusted especially for rookies .

From today the MWMEL is knowed as MechWarrior Mechanized Expeditions League and its range is worldwide therefore any MechGamer can register a unit from any continent . This decision has been taked after long reflections due to the great differences of intercontinental times existing in the world but the MWMEL administration always will intend make compatible the different continental time zones with the activity on-line of the potential MWMEL servers adding also a lot of enthusiasm as well as all the time and the administration that the league needs . In the MWMEL the scheduled matches are published in UTC : Universal Time Coordinated and in the section WTZ of this site you can see the worldwide map that indicates the different times zones of the world in UTC time . 

MechWarrior Mechanized EuroLeague was launched In 12-12-2017 mainly with vocation and philosophy spheran-peripheral but our principal goal is that in our servers domine the fun , the coexistence and mainly the respect . Although the MWMEL have european servers they are opened to the casual activity to MechGamers of all world :)

You can participate individually in the campaign confrontations in the CCFC servers but honestly the administration of this MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries league want advise to you that participate in team can improve your statistics and your fun ;)

If you feel like you would like a giant mech/robotic action game and you prefer quality and game balance over cutting edge graphics , Do not hesitate and get the MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries . The worst that can happen is you delete it off your computer .

This sounds interesting, but WHY is this game good for online gaming?

Instant Access to all content :

This game is old school in a good way . From the very beginning of your multiplayer battles , you have the same weapons and mechs available as the elites and older players  . There is no grinding for access to anything . All are equal . What differentiates us as players is :

Your mech building skills (GEAR , weapon , armor , speed settings , etc.)

Your skills as a pilot (aiming , movement , fighting techniques , etc)

Knowledge (equipment knowledge , experiences in battle , map knowledge etc.)

Great Balance : 

MechWarrior is an amazingly balanced game which allows a small mech to have just as much of an impact on the game outcome as a large mech if you know how to use efficiently the capabilities of the mech that you choose .

Also, there are many different sizes or 'classes' of mechs . Sure , people have favorites mechs , but different mechs have different roles . At times you will find a certain mech design is slightly better for a certain role than another . You will have to find mechs that fit the way you want to play . In this way , the game is beautifully balanced . Honestly, there are so many mechs that the pilots can choose dozens of they to use the majority of the time and play one and other time happily because the pilots are comfortable in 'THEIR' mechs they have made .

Various game types :

There are different game types available to play. Our game is not just a shooter game . We also have tactics based games like Mission Play .

This game is totally unpredictable :

At the end of the day, what probably keep this game big and competitive is likely its complexity . Games are at times very unpredictable due to their being so many influences : skill , mech builds , tactics , etc.

Your aim is your aim (No randomness) :

MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries not introduce luck into aiming to 'adds excitement' . The luck do that although your aim can be perfect, Nevertheless your shots randomly can go anywhere and MW4 is not like this . MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries is not a dice roll/coin flip game . In MW4M , your aim is EXACTLY where your scope is .

If you're looking for a good game to play through campaign mode or in multiplayer with us , you're in the right place.

Welcome to MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries and welcome to MechWarrior Mechanized EuroLeague !!!