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BACKLASH CAMPAIGN - FEDCOM CONFLAGRATION : archive 3-14 / 4-22 / 5-17 / 3065 / 2022 . Initial Front . Aristotle Sector . Turinge . Assault Trident Armada with their zeta battalion and the reinforcement of 101st Interceptors Clan of Merx and The Midnight Sons they fight one raid chain on Bjorlunda , Mariefred and Dar-Es-Salaam.

3-14 / 3065 . ATA_karoshi and {ICM} Pete they can not avoid the debacle on the cold lands of Bjorlunda consequenly the zeta battalion suffer strong loses and almost not has been recovered mechanized tonnage from combat zone . Time after time the opponent hordes have broken through the defensive line of the allies . Has been lost four heavy drop forces that they are 1700 mechanized tons .
4-22 / 3065 . Traversing the desert climate of Mariefred The Midnight Sons debut in the league with a suffered victory . #MS# Renzo demonstrate to be mechwarrior really very versatile maneuvering a Thor , Nova cat and Thanatos . He have done a great raid . ATA_Karoshi and {ICM} Pete also share this victory and consequently ATA , ICM and TMS add their first success in the season 3065 .
5-17 / 3065 . On the planet Dar-Es-Salaam tactically the combat go rapidly due mainly to the form of the terrain and the drop zone of both opponent forces therefore ATA_Karoshi , {ICM} Pete and #MS# Renzo they have to fight high amount of waves which does not impede the victory of ATA , ICM and TMS .

BACKLASH CAMPAIGN , archive 12-12-2021 / 3064 : concluyed the fourth season of MechWarrior Mechanized Expeditions League With their victories on the planets Machida , Whittingtor , Veckhold and Breukelen 101st Interceptors Clan of Merx have joined to the select club of the units with the record on highter amount of consecutive victories . The rest of units they are 57HG , ATA and ENC so all they have four consecutive victories ... read more 

CHAOS CAMPAIGN , archive 12-12-2020 : final of the first campaign that has haved a duration of three years . Our first campaign have elapsed during 58 battles and has been intervened more than 40 planets . We have won 29 battles and has been lost 26 therefore has been tied 3 . Has been launched successfully one planetary assault on Shipka and various guerrilla war has been fought too . MWMEL Chaos March has left behind great and suffered defeates but great and glorious moments as well almost equally ... read more 

CHAOS CAMPAIGN , archive 12-12-2019 : final report of the second season of campaign . During this season two new units have initiated activity in the league . 57 Heavy Group and Mechanized Commandos Corp . These units has haved success and in the case of 57HG they have obtained three bibbons . Also in this season was reached a record of activity stablished in 125 drops fought !!! ... read more 

CHAOS CAMPAIGN , archive 12-12-2018 :  final report of the first season of the league .

Our first anniversary has been the date 12-12-2018 and therefore is our Day-1A . Anyway the first year active of the MWMEL has been a little experimental in certain things due to circumstances that the administration of the league was cant not foresee and therefore was necessary modify some small parts of the system of campaign . Still will have to do some modifications but will be a few and very small in relation to the Coop-Type and to the modality CCFC but the activity in the league will continue without interuption .

CHAOS CAMPAIGN , archive 3-18-2018 : ATA extract resources on Carver V .

The operational activity in the MWMEL start when in 3-18-2018 the ATA : Assault Trident Armada launch a Capture Raid on Carver V . The final result is merely anecdotal and although the ATA lost 3 Dragon , 3 Cauldron Born and 5 Linebacker nevertheless achieve a victory really overwhelming to neutralize 45 opponents mechs !!! . Also the Trident have extracted 805 ultra-restrited mechanized tonnes that has been captured .  

MWMEL , archive 9-9-2018 : MechWarrior Mechanized Expeditions League .

From today the MWMEL is knowed as MechWarrior Mechanized Expeditions League and its range is worldwide therefore any MechGamer can register a unit from any continent . This decision has been taked after long reflections due to the great differences of intercontinental times existing in the world but the MWMEL administration always will intend make compatible the different continental time zones with the activity on-line of the potential MWMEL servers adding also a lot of enthusiasm as well as all the time and the administration that the league needs . In the MWMEL the scheduled matches are published in UTC : Universal Time Coordinated and in the section WTZ of this site you can see the worldwide map that indicates the different times zones of the world in UTC time . 

MWMEL , archive 12-12-2017 : MechWarrior Mechanized EuroLeague . Legend have written a nice article that describe how is MW4M and that can to be a good prologue of our league .

MechWarrior Mechanized EuroLeague was launched In 12-12-2017 mainly with vocation and philosophy spheran-peripheral but our principal goal is that in our servers domine the fun , the coexistence and mainly the respect . Although the MWMEL have european servers they are opened for casual activity to MechGamers of all world :)

You can participate individually in the confrontations of campaign in the CCFC servers but honestly the administration of this MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries league want advise to you that participate in team can improve you statistics and you fun ;) next you will read the article of Legend :

If you feel like you would like a giant mech/robotic action game and you prefer quality and game balance over cutting edge graphics , Do not hesitate and get the MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries . The worst that can happen is you delete it off your computer .

This sounds interesting, but WHY is this game good for online gaming?

Instant Access to all content :

This game is old school in a good way . From the very beginning of your multiplayer battles , you have the same weapons and mechs available as the elites and older players  . There is no grinding for access to anything . All are equal . What differentiates us as players is :

Your mech building skills (GEAR , armor , weapon , speed settings , etc.)

Your skills as a pilot (aiming , movement , fighting techniques , etc)

Knowledge (map knowledge , experiences in battle , equipment knowledge etc.)

Great Balance : 

MechWarrior is an amazingly balanced game which allows a small mech to have just as much of an impact on the game outcome as a large mech if you know how to use efficiently the capabilities of the mech that you choose .

Also, there are many different sizes or 'classes' of mechs . Sure , people have favorites mechs , but different mechs have different roles . At times you will find a certain mech design is slightly better for a certain role than another . You will have to find mechs that fit the way you want to play . In this way , the game is beautifully balanced . Honestly, there are so many mechs that the pilots can choose dozens of they to use the majority of the time and play one and other time happily because the pilots are comfortable in 'THEIR' mechs they have made .

Various game types :

There are different game types available to play. Our game is not just a shooter game . We also have tactics based games like Mission Play .

This game is totally unpredictable :

At the end of the day, what probably keep this game big and competitive is likely its complexity . Games are at times very unpredictable due to their being so many influences : skill , mech builds , tactics , etc.

Your aim is your aim (No randomness) :

MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries not introduce luck into aiming to 'adds excitement' . The luck do that although your aim can be perfect, Nevertheless your shots randomly can go anywhere and MW4 is not like this . MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries is not a dice roll/coin flip game . In MW4M , your aim is EXACTLY where your scope is .

If you're looking for a good game to play through campaign mode or in multiplayer with us , you're in the right place.

Welcome to MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries and welcome to MechWarrior Mechanized EuroLeague .