MechWarrior Mechanized Expeditions League want do a acknowledgement to all MechFans that has made maps for the MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries after very much hours of work and dedication and that they has done posible that in  the MWMEL can be used great amount of maps that initially was not in the MW4M :

Ash , Avenger , Bloodlust , Da BountyHunter , Ferret&Bryant , Firestorm , GhostCat , Lightfoot , Lord HelpMe , Lord Magnus , Sharptooth , Sokitumi , Solarmech , Surn , [TB] Nova , Tronix , WolfBlade .

Please excuse to we if no has been writed all nicknames related with this matter but unfortunately our fonts of information they are very limited :(

We want also do a acknowledgement to these MechFans MapMakers Teams :

Alpha Strike Studios , Mech Lab , Mechwarrior Registry , Thorgrim Skin-hood .

It would be a historical injustice not to recognize the contribution of MekTek to the very battered but wonderful MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries therefore the MWMEL has a moral obligation to acknowledge the enormous work of MekTek that has made possible the use of 30 additional mechs that initially was not in the MW4M and that can be used in the MWMEL .