MechWarrior Mechanized Expeditions League is inspired by the atmosphere of the MechWarrior Age Of Destruction and the basic style of combat applied in the MWMEL recreate the environment that we consider own of the experience of each MechWarrior when maneuver its BattleMech : Force First Person , Limited Ammunition , Heat Management , Clear/Defeault Visibility , Simple Radar .

Mainly "NO RESPAWN" althought the server CCFC is configured to "waves" by which the modality to respawn only is active in some open server for casual activity of training . 

MWMEL is for MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries and although have small doses of strategy and logistics basically is a MW4M league that not intended to be a difficult challenge because the MWMEL is designed to accumulate many victories and thus overcome the adversaries by accumulating good statistics and a good balance of assets .

MWMEL is not a institution of mindless barbarians therefore all mechwarriors that form part of this league they accept totally and defend the ARES CONVENTION inside and out of this community :
The Preamble announced the signing of the Conventions on June 13 , 2412 .
### Article I - prohibits the use of nuclear weapons against all civilian targets and planets and military targets within 75,000 kilometers of a planet .
### Article II - prohibits the orbital bombardment except against vital military targets which is not anywhere near populated areas . 
### Article III - establishes the white flag with adorned red S as the universal symbol of surrender and truce, which all the MWMEL-MechWarriors agreed to abide by .
### Article IV - establishes the right of safe passage under a sign of truce and conditions for its loss . 
### Article V - explicitly disavowed combat in cities - unless a military target is within the city - and against civilian targets .
### Article VI - prohibits research , development , and use of biological and chemical weapons .