If you have Windows 7 or Windows 10 we can help to you to have MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries without compromise simply writing us an e-mail :  
Anyway we advise to you to vote and do a suggestion in GOG for that they sale and keep updated the MW4Mercs in the future :

You should not have problems in the Game Lobby regarding the maps if you install the complete basic pack that we can provide to you but you should also download and install the GameRanger if you do not have it yet for take part in the MechWarrior Mechanized Expeditions League and to be able to fight multiplayer matchs in the MWMEL and finally you should download and install the following packs :



NOTE I : The grids insert squared sectors in the tactical maps therefore help to improve the tactics of team and the TGA mark the drop-zones of the mini-maps of the Game Lobby.

NOTE II : Remember that if you do not have the "K-lite Codec Pack" and the "WinRaR" installed you should install them before install the Mercs and the "GameRanger".

NOTE III : Remember that you should be patient because some downloads can last up long time if you have a connection very slow.

NOTE IV : To complete the totallity of the installation you should apply the instructions of the "INSTALLATION" section of this same web-site.

NOTE V : we must remember to you that although the MW4Mercs would have to run well if after apply the instructions of installation you need technical help we advise to you send a e-mail to our league : or visit our MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries community on Discord :  
Anyway on the WINDOWS 7 the MW4Mercs run without problems . In our opinion the WINDOWS 7 is a good operative system and therefore if you buy a new computer we advise to you install the WINDOWS 7
We must remember to you that if you are collector and have Windows XP you only need insert in the computer the CD1 and then CD2 of the MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries next install the PR1 in addition to the Clan Mech Pak and the Inner Sphere Mech Pak for have the instalation very basic although for have the complete installation is necessary install also the MekTek-MekPak.