The MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries is a chalenge of mechanized combats between machines that can move several parts at once and if you can not control well the mech with mouse and keyboard the best thing that you can do is buy a joistick to combine it with the keyboard of the computer because after all the MW4M is also designed to be controlled with joistick and keyboard but if you want to buy a very very very old joistick BEFORE BUY YOUR IDEAL JOISTICK YOU SHOULD MAKE SURE THAT THE JOISTICK THAT WANT BUY IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE OPERATING SYSTEM THAT YOU HAVE INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTER (Windows XP or Windows 7 or Windows 10 etc ... [the oparating system supported by the joistick you can see them on one side of the box that contain the same joistick]) and you should prove it before buy it.Once you have your ideal joistick will control the game without difficulty and will enjoy its full potential.The images that you can see under these lines are merely illustratives but can be key to really have fun with the MW4M.

However many people controls the legs of the mech with joistick and the torso with the mouse.It is a possibility that you should explore.

Also is important that you configure properly for you the most important controls of the MW4M and should take special care to configure the controls that show the images located just under these lines.You should be patient and take your time and not hurtling about this fundamental aspect of MW4M.

It is also important to know place well the weapons in the MechLab and especially to configure properly for you the groups of weapons that you place in each mech.

The illustratives images that you can see under these words are of some models of joisticks of the most popular brands but your ideal joistick only you can choose it.