NOTE I : clicking on each graphic header opens a new page that shows the logistics orientative of each unit .
NOTE II : a name is assigned for each lance but within each company all lances have different names and within each batallion a certain name only is assigned to a maximum of 2 lances.Are used the following names:

# LANCE NAME # Fire # Support # Auftragstaktik # Blockade # Complementation # Interdictor # Strike # Surgical # Attrition # Command  Lance .

NOTE III : In the modality CCFC:Casual Combinated Forces Contingents each CCFC must to be a batallion assigned as CCFC and of every three batallions that have a unit can be assigned until a battalion as CCFC that can be used in the MWMEL servers of casual activity to No-Respawn and marked as CCFC and in which each MechGamer can confront a campaign mission using mechs of a CCFC of its unit for which it is necessary to connect to a certain opened server from among the MWMEL : Macro-Battlefields / Momo-Objetive / Multi-Format.
Only the matchs confronted in the formats Team Battle , Team Destruction and Mission Play compute statistics to the CCFC.
Can be assigned until 10 equal mechs for each CCFC.When a MechGamer is connected to a server marked as CCFC and uses the correct camouflage and mechs that coincide with those of the CCFC of your unit is using resources from the aforesaid CCFC.For each MechGamer in each match is used a mech by wave.A campaign intervention is terminated when at least 30 mechs of a CCFC are used and from that moment the CCFC can be repaired.
In each CCFC force you can see marked in red color the lost mechs and in yellow color the survivor used mechs.